Controlled Release Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture

Controlled Release Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture

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Long description:

Controlled Release Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture provides a comprehensive examination of precision fertilizer applications using the 4-R approach-the right amount of fertilizer at the right time to the right plant at the correct stage of plant growth. This volume consolidates detailed information on each aspect of controlled release fertilizers, including up-to-date literature citations, the current market for controlled release fertilizers and patents. Presenting the tremendous advances in experimental and theoretical studies on sustainable agriculture and related areas, this book provides in-depth insight into state-of-the-art controlled release mechanisms of fertilizers, techniques, and their use in sustainable agriculture.

Conventional release mechanisms have historically meant waste of fertilizers and the adverse effects of that waste on the environment. Controlled release delivery makes significant strides in enhancing fertilizer benefit to the target plant, while protecting the surrounding environment and increasing sustainability.

Table of Contents:
1. Controlled Release of Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture: State of the art, opportunities and novelty
2. Conventional methods for fertilizer release
3. Fate of the conventional fertilizers in environment
4. Controlled release of fertilizers
- concept, reality and mechanism
5. Controlled and slow release fertilizers
6. Characteristics and types of slow
- and controlled
-release fertilizers
7. Methods for controlled release of fertilizers
8. Manufacturing of slow
- and controlled
-release Fertilizers
9. Factors controlling the release of fertilizers, Advantages and disadvantages of slow
- and controlled
-release fertilizers
10. Options for the application of slow
- and controlled
-release fertilizers, Consumption and economics of slow
- and controlled
-release of fertilizers
11. Costs and benefits of slow
- and controlled
-release fertilizers, Sensors detecting controlled fertilizer release
12. Trends and technologies behind controlled release fertilizers
13. Nanotechnology in controlled release fertilizers
14. Polymer formulations for controlled release of fertilizers
15. Chemistry and toxicology behind chemical fertilizers, Theory and simulation modelling of controlled release of fertilizers
16. Controlled release of organic fertilizers, Future of controlled release fertilizers