Coin Hoards and Hoarding in the Roman World

Coin Hoards and Hoarding in the Roman World

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Table of Contents:
Part I: Approaches
Introduction: Coin Hoards and Hoarding in the Roman World
Simplifying Complexity
Part II: Regional Studies
Hoarding in Roman Britain: an Archaeological and Contextual Approach
Hoarding in Burgundy, France: Micro-Study of a Region
Coin Hoards of the Gallic Empire
The Interface between East and West in Hoards from Southern Greece and Macedonia
Coin Hoards from Roman Dacia
Third-Century Hoards of Roman Provincial Coins from Moesia Inferior
Coin Hoarding in Roman Palestine: 63 BC to AD 300
Roman Coin Hoards from Egypt: What Next
Part III: Longevity of Circulation
The Imperial Afterlife of Roman Republican Coins and the Phenomenon of the Restored Denarii
Hoarding of Denarii and the Reforms of Nero and Septimius Severus
Coin Supply and Longevity of Circulation: Three Case Studies from Hoards in Northwest Europe
The End of the Small Change Economy in Northern Gaul in the Fourth and the Fifth Centuries ad
Forms of largitio and Denominations of Silver Plate in Late Antiquity: the Evidence of Flanged bowls