Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems

Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems

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This book focuses on future global climate change and its implications for agricultural systems which are the main sources of agricultural goods and services to society. This book brings together a series of chapters providing scientific insights to possible implications of projected climate changes for different crop types and livestock systems.

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Table of Contents:
  • a: Introduction
  • 1: Climate projections for 2050
  • 2: Rainfed Intensive Crop Systems
  • 3: Climate Sensitivity of Intensive Rice-Wheat Systems in Tropical Asia: Focus on the Indo-Gangetic Plains
  • 4: Climate Change Challenges for Low Input Cropping and Grazing Systems ? Australia
  • 5: Diversity in Organic and Agroecological Farming Systems for Mitigation of Climate Change Impact, with Examples from Latin America
  • 6: UK Fruit and Vegetable Production ? Impacts of Climate Change and Opportunities for Adaptation
  • 7: Intensive Livestock Systems for Dairy Cows
  • 8: Climate Change and Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems in Temperate-Humid Regions of North and South America: Mitigation and Adaptation
  • 9: Land Managed for Multiple Services
  • 10: Adaptation of Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems in Asia
  • 11: Enhancing Climate Resilience of Cropping Systems
  • 12: Shaping Sustainable Intensive Production Systems: Improved Crops and Cropping Systems in the Developing World
  • 13: The Role of Modelling in Adapting and Building the Climate Resilience of Cropping Systems
  • 14: Agroforestry Solutions for Buffering Climate Variability and Adapting to Change
  • 15: Channelling the Future? The Use of Seasonal Climate Forecasts in Climate Adaptation
  • 16: Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change: New Approaches to Knowledge and Learning
  • 17: What are the Factors that Dictate the Choice of Coping Strategies for Extreme Climate Events? The Case of Farmers in the Nile Basin of Ethiopia