Cicero: Pro Milone

Cicero: Pro Milone

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:400 pages
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Edition of Cicero's best speech helping students appreciate the work as both a literary masterpiece and a historical document.

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The Pro Milone numbers among Cicero's most famous speeches. In it he defends his friend T. Annius Milo against the charge of murdering P. Clodius Pulcher, Cicero's own archenemy. Clodius' death, Milo's trial, and their aftermath consumed Roman public life in 52 BC, involving every major political figure of the day. Although Cicero's defense failed, the published speech remains one of his finest, a fascinating document from a turbulent time, full of interest both historical and rhetorical. This edition, aimed at students and scholars alike, provides readers with the help that they need to appreciate the speech as a literary masterpiece and a historical text. Including a comprehensive introduction and a newly constituted Latin text, it provides detailed treatment of Cicero's language, style, and rhetorical techniques, as well as full discussion of the historical background and the larger social and cultural issues relevant to the speech.

'The text takes up roughly 30 pages; the commentary takes up 260 pages - over eight pages for each page of text. It is hardly necessary to say that K. has covered, often at length, every point, whether textual, grammatical, syntactical, prosodic, or historical that the student could seek guidance on...&&&160;It is hard to imagine any need for another commentary on&&&160;Pro Milone&&&160;for many years.' Colin Leach, Classics for All
Table of Contents:
Introduction; The Pro Milone and Cicero's career; Clodius' death, Milo's trial, and the aftermath; Historical background; Historical timeline; Argument and outline of the speech; Cicero's style; Revision and publication; Text and transmission; Text: Pro Milone; Commentary.