The Bolivia Reader: History, Culture, Politics

The Bolivia Reader

History, Culture, Politics
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From Andean antiquity and Spanish colonialism to the present, The Bolivia Reader provides a panoramic view of Bolivia's history, culture, and politics through a wide ranging collection of sources, most of which appear here in English for the first time.

Hosszú leírás:
The Bolivia Reader provides a panoramic view, from antiquity to the present, of the history, culture, and politics of a country known for its ethnic and regional diversity, its rich natural resources and dilemmas of economic development, and its political conflict and creativity. Featuring both classic and little-known texts ranging from fiction, memoir, and poetry to government documents, journalism, and political speeches, the volume challenges stereotypes of Bolivia as a backward nation while offering insights into the country's history of mineral extraction, revolution, labor organizing, indigenous peoples' movements, and much more. Whether documenting Inka rule or Spanish conquest, three centuries at the center of Spanish empire, or the turbulent politics and cultural vibrancy of the national period, these sources—the majority of which appear in English for the first time—foreground the voices of actors from many different walks of life. Unprecedented in scope, The Bolivia Reader illustrates the historical depth and contemporary challenges of Bolivia in all their complexity.

“English-speaking audiences now have a rich resource for in-depth study of Bolivia. It is the perfect book for courses on Andean history and Latin America, as well as hemispheric courses on power, culture, politics, and economy in the Americas. Overall, this book is indispensable for university and college libraries. To put it simply, there is no comparable volume.”

Acknowledgments  xix
Introduction  1
I. First Peoples and the Making of Andean and Amazonian Space  13
II. States and Conquests in the Andes  45
III. The Rich Mountain  71
IV. From Indian Insurgency to Creole Independence  115
V. Market Circuits and Enclave Extraction  161
VI. The Nation and Political Fragmentation  207
VII. The Nationalization of Natural Resources  257
VIII. Revolutionary Currents  323
IX. Dictatorship and Democracy  407
X. Neoliberalism and Lowland Ascendency  503
XI. Competing Projects for the Future  541
XII. Pachakuti?  623
Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing  679
Acknowledgment of Copyright and Sources  687
Index  699