The Art of Director Excellence: Volume 1: Governance ? Stories from Experienced Corporate Directors
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The Art of Director Excellence

Volume 1: Governance ? Stories from Experienced Corporate Directors
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Rövid leírás:

This series includes professional unbiased books on corporate topics with an emphasis on governance, corporate leadership, and sustainability.

Hosszú leírás:

"How would you compare what you expected of board service versus the reality?"

"What do you want to say to lifelong learners of corporate governance?"

Compiling wisdom and practical knowledge from interviews with over 40 board directors, spanning board chairs and CEOs at public companies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations, The Art of Director Excellence, Volume 1 presents insightful answers to these questions and more. It explores a variety of important topics in corporate governance, including developing business strategy with management, navigating risks, being a board chair or committee member on different types of boards, and improving ESG and diversity, along with the many differences in how these decisions are handled in North America, Asia, and Europe.

While this book is an invaluable asset for both new and existing board directors inside the boardroom, it has use outside it as well. The real-world wisdom and experience in this volume will complement academic textbooks as shown in the appendix, which cross references commonly used textbooks to show how this book matches their contents. Academics, business school faculty and students in executive education, as well as graduate and undergraduate corporate governance classes will benefit immensely from this book. Emerging leaders in investment banking, proxy advisory, and executive recruiting will gain knowledge of the inner workings of the boardroom.

"This book brings board effectiveness to life! Corporate governance begins with regulations, structures, and processes, but really understanding what makes for an effective board takes years, if not decades, in boardrooms. The book brings the dynamics of the boardroom to the written page, through stories and insights from experienced and highly respected board members." -- Susan Angele, Board Director, Board Chair of the 30% Coalition; former executive of The Hershey Company


"John Hotta has strung the finest pearls of wisdom on Board Governance in this book." -- Subash Anbu, NACD.DC.;?Bboard Director, Private Directors Association