Russia?s War

Russia?s War

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In the early hours of 24 February 2022, Russian forces attacked Ukraine. The brutality of the Russian assault has horrified the world. But Russians themselves appear to be watching an entirely different war - one in which they are the courageous underdogs and kind-hearted heroes successfully battling a malign Ukrainian foe.Russia analyst Jade McGlynn takes us on a journey into this parallel military and political universe to reveal the sometimes monstrous, sometimes misconstrued attitudes behind Russian majority backing for the invasion. Drawing on media analysis and interviews with ordinary citizens, officials and foreign-policy elites in Russia and Ukraine, McGlynn explores the grievances, lies and half-truths that pervade the Russian worldview. She also exposes the complicity of many Russians, who have invested too deeply in the Kremlin's alternative narratives to regard the war as Putin's foolhardy mission. In their eyes, this is Russia's war - against Ukraine, against the West, against evil - and there can be no turning back.

"This is the most comprehensive analysis of popular support for Russia's war to date. Jade McGlynn emphasizes that broad swathes of Russian society back the invasion and unpacks the varied reasons for this support. An important read for anyone interested in Russia's invasion of Ukraine."Timothy M. Frye, author of Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia"Timely, original and highly readable, McGlynn's book is essential for anyone wishing to understand the past, present and future difficulties we face in dealing with Russia."Edward Lucas, former Economist Moscow correspondent and author of The New Cold War"McGlynn offers a tantalising glimpse into the Russian public's perception of the war in Ukraine. Do the Russians care? McGlynn provides the answer in a gripping narrative that brings out the nationalist fervour, the cautious scepticism and the mind-boggling indifference of those on whom Vladimir Putin counts for support."Sergey Radchenko, Johns Hopkins University"An unnerving exposé of Russian support for the war against Ukraine."James Ryan, Cardiff University"An invigorating take on Russia's war in Ukraine. McGlynn's refreshing analysis looks beyond the battlefield to understand how Russians see the conflict."Rasmus Nilsson, University College London"compelling"The Moscow Times"Superb. A must-read for anyone looking for an understanding of Russian attitudes."Richard Shirreff, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Strategia Worldwide and former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe