Renovating Healthcare IT

Building the Foundation for Digital Transformation
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 This book walks the reader through the process of determining what type of IT function they have today and what they?ll need tomorrow. It discusses how to assess and analyze the IT function then develop and implement a plan to renovate in place.

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Healthcare IT is under tremendous pressure in today?s environment: Budgets are shrinking; staff are in short supply; cloud, mobile, and data are driving expansion and innovation. Consumer expectations are high while agility and speed to market for many HIT organizations is low. The exponential growth of data sources and the need to empower healthcare with data-driven intelligence is pushing capabilities. The words "digital transformation" are infused in just about every discussion and serve to amplify organizational expectations of IT. In this environment, IT departments have to retool, rethink, and revise their way of operating. Few have the option of starting from scratch; the vast majority of organizations have built IT functions over decades. Now, it?s time to remodel and renovate for the future. This book walks the reader through the process of determining what type of IT function they have today and what they?ll need tomorrow. It discusses how to assess and analyze IT capabilities and then develop and implement a plan to renovate in place. By retooling now, the IT function can successfully meet the growing demands of the organization in the future. When approached in a planful manner, this process of renovating can energize the entire organization and help foster innovation and transformation along the way.

"To significantly increase the success of a digital transformation, it is crucial to build a strong organizational foundation. Such a foundation should be rooted in the organization's ability to manage change, form partnerships and innovate, coupled with a well-integrated and managed IT infrastructure and applications. Susan Snedaker's book, Renovating Healthcare IT: Building the Foundation for Digital Transformation, offers a comprehensive guide to defining, assessing, and establishing a high-performance IT foundation. From IT strategy, governance, operations, architecture to staffing, the book covers all aspects essential for the digital transformation of healthcare. With the need to digitally transform healthcare, following the guidance in this book is paramount, as it offers a masterful guide to achieving success."

John Glaser, PhD
Executive in Residence, Harvard Medical School
Former CIO, Partners HealthCare

"As the demands of our industry continue to increase and our technology rapidly evolves, it can be difficult to keep up. Due to limited resources and time constraints, our IT architectures often remain unchanged for decades. In order to break free from this cycle of stagnation, industry leaders should look to Susan Snedaker's latest book, Renovating Healthcare IT: Building the Foundation for Digital Transformation. Snedaker's in-depth meta-analysis and clear-eyed grasp of the situation show us how to interrupt this cycle, transforming the traditional cycle of evolution into a path of renovation."

Anthony Fonze
Former hospital CEO, healthcare network CIO, and HIE Chief Innovation Officer

"Susan Snedaker's book Renovating Healthcare IT: Building the Foundation for Digital Transformation, provides a comprehensive guide to navigating a fluid post-pandemic landscape and offers a clear roadmap for success as organizations adapt to the future of patient care. Expertly dissecting the challenges faced by the industry, from budget cuts to cybersecurity threats, Snedaker offers actionable solutions for optimizing IT infrastructure, fostering innovation, and driving digital transformation. This is an essential read for hospital and healthcare decision-makers, both inside and outside of IT, who aspire to make a meaningful impact in the constantly evolving future of digitally driven patient care."

Roshni Mark, Public Funding Advisor, Cisco Systems
Previous: Hospital Administrator, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Healthcare is in desperate need of a digital transformation. In this instructive book, Snedaker skillfully leads readers from the principles of digital transformation to IT building blocks to a final map of designing a digital future. This instructive, eye-opening book is essential reading for those looking to lead or deepen their understanding of the digital healthcare revolution. "

Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD
Department of Family Medicine
Vice Chair of Primary Care Innovation and Transformation,
Boston Medical Center
Clinical Associate Professor, Boston University Medical School
Affiliate, Harvard Center for Primary Care
Health Innovators Fellow, Aspen Institute

"An invaluable resource for those looking to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and security of healthcare IT systems."

From the Foreword by Russ Branzell, President & CEO, CHIME


Foreword. Acknowledgements. About the Author. Introduction. Section I INTRODUCTION TO HEALTHCARE IT RENOVATION. 1 Overview of Healthcare in the U.S. 2 Digital Transformation. 3 Assess the Environment. Section II IT BUILDING BLOCKS. 4 IT Strategy Building Blocks. 5 IT Governance Building Blocks. 6 IT Architecture Building Blocks. 7 IT Finance Building Blocks. 8 IT Technology Building Blocks. 9 IT Service Management and IT Operations Building Blocks. 10 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Building Blocks. 11 IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Building Blocks. 12 IT Cybersecurity Building Blocks. 13 IT Staffing Building Blocks. 14 IT Management and Leadership Building Blocks. 15 IT Value Creation Building Blocks. Section III IT ASSESSMENTS. 16 IT Strategy Assessment. 17 IT and Data Governance Assessment. 18 IT Architecture Assessment. 19 IT Finance Assessment. 20 IT Technology Assessment. 21 IT Service Management & IT Operations Assessment. 22 IT Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Assessment. 23 IT Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment. 24 IT Cybersecurity Assessment. 25 IT Staffing Assessment. 26 IT Management & Leadership Assessment. 27 IT Value Creation Assessment. Section IV RENOVATION PLAN. 28 Create Your Renovation Plan. 29 Manage Change. 30 Design Your Digital Future. 31 Completion ? Certificate of Occupancy. Index.