Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry

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Kiadó: OUP Oxford
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This essential pocket guide covers clinical dentistry in a concise format. All the fundamentals of clinical practice are included in a readily-accessible style. Now completely revised with a wealth of new information and full colour throughout.

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For almost thirty years, the tried, tested, and much-loved Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry has been the indispensable guide to the dental world for dental students, trainees, practitioners, and nurses. Returning for its seventh edition it has been re-energized by new editors and a specialist contributor team, while still retaining its comprehensive, clear, and concise style.

The Handbook has been completely updated and brings you a wealth of information to keep pace with fast-moving areas of dental practice. This new edition includes a brand new chapter on dental implants, the new classification for periodontal disease, the latest key guidelines, protocols, and guidance on therapeutics, dental materials, and digital dentistry, as well as expanded information on topics such as ethics, dental law, and practice management. Designed for daily use, this Handbook ensures you will have everything you need at your fingertips whether on the go, in clinical sessions, or for revision.

Reviews from the previous edition
History and examination
Preventive and community dentistry
Paediatric dentistry
Restorative dentistry 1: periodontology
Restorative dentistry 2: repairing teeth
Restorative dentistry 3: replacing teeth
Restorative dentistry 4: endodontics
Restorative dentistry 5: dental implants
Oral surgery
Oral medicine
Maxillofacial surgery
Medicine relevant to dentistry
Analgesia, anaesthesia, and sedation
Dental materials
Law and ethics
Professionalism and communication
Practice management
Syndromes of the head and neck
Useful information and addresses