Negative Emissions Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation

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Negative Emissions Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation provides a comprehensive introduction to the full range of technologies that are being researched, developed and deployed in order to transition from our current energy system, dominated by fossil fuels, to a negative-carbon emissions system. After an introduction to the challenge of climate change, the technical fundamentals of natural and engineered carbon dioxide removal and storage processes and technologies are described. Each NET is then discussed in detail, including the key elements of the technology, enablers and constraints, governance issues, and global potential and cost estimates.

This book offers a complete overview of the field, thus enabling the community to gain a full appreciation of NETs without the need to seek out and refer to a multitude of sources.

  • Covers the full spectrum of technologies to underpin the transition to a negative emissions energy system, from technical fundamentals to the current state of deployment and R&D
  • Critically evaluates each technology, highlighting advantages, limitations, and the potential for large scale environmental applications
  • Combines natural science and environmental science perspectives with the practical use of state-of-the-art technologies for sustainability

Part I Introduction 1. The climate challenge: NETs and climate change mitigation 2. Overview of NETs: Technologies, scope and cost 3. Uncertainties, risks, ethics, and governance

Part II Natural CO2 removal (or drawdown?) processes 4. Photosynthesis and soil carbon processes 5. Other natural CO2 removal processes 6. Ocean carbon processes 7. The global carbon cycle, inventories, and fluxes

Part III Engineered CO2 separation and capture 8. CO2 absorption 9. CO2 adsorption 10. Membrane CO2 separation 11. CO2 mineralization 12. Artificial photosynthesis and other bio-inspired methods

Part IV Negative emissions methods and technologies 13. Afforestation and other land- and soil-based methods 14. Biomass energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) 15. Direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) 16. Geological carbon storage 17. Ocean storage and other ocean based methods 18. CO2 utilization

Part VI NET information resources 19. Further information sources 20. Units and NET related acronyms 21. Glossary of NET related terms