History in My Life: A Memoir of Three Eras

History in My Life

A Memoir of Three Eras
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Ivan T. Berend is Distinguished Professor at the University of California Los Angeles, Director of the European Studies Program. He was one of the masterminds of regime change in Hungary. He made a career in Hungary as a university professor, Rector of the University of Economics (1973?79), and President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1985?90). He was President of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (1995?2000), and Vice-President of the International Economic History Association (1986?1994). His research interests are the complex economic, social, ideological, and cultural history of Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th?20th century; economic modernization; problems of European backwardness; transition from state socialism to capitalism. He published and 26 books and more than 120 studies.

Before he became a professor at UCLA, Ivan Berend had survived five regime changes and two revolutions in Hungary, had been in prison and German concentration camp in 1944?45.

His memoir offers an interesting case study, a subjective addition to the "objective" historical works on Central and Eastern European state socialism. It describes the hard choices of intellectuals in a dictatorial state: 1. remain in isolation, concentrate on scholarly works, and exclude politics in your personal life; 2. be in opposition, criticize and unveil the regime, accept discrimination and exclusion; 3. remain within the establishment and work for reforming the country using legal possibilities to criticize the regime and to achieve changes from within.

Berend's book raises basic historical questions and debates, compares East European and American higher education systems, and presents an eyewitness' insights on life in the United States.


List of Photos

Introduction and Acknowledgement

My Family in Budapest in the 1930s

The End of Childhood

Dachau?and the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft's Conference in Munich

The Gebirgsjägerschule in Mittenwald

Where is my Home?

The 1956 Revolution in My Life

My Universities

A Widening World, Learning by Traveling

In the International Community of Historians: Friends All Over the World

Experiencing and Writing History: a Special Friend, Books and Debates

Teaching in Two Different University Systems

My Globalized Family

In the Establishment

In the Storm of the Regime Change

Leaving Hungary for Los Angeles