Creativity from Suburban Nowheres: Rethinking Cultural and Creative Practices
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Creativity from Suburban Nowheres

Rethinking Cultural and Creative Practices
Sorozatcím: Global Suburbanisms;
Kiadó: University of Toronto Press
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Rövid leírás:

This book interrogates and questions the meaning and implications of suburban creativity.

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Looking at suburbs as places of creativity gives rise to novel and thought-provoking narratives that typically run counter to the idea that suburbs are sites of "ordinary," "mundane," and "everyday" practices. Far from being geographies of "nowhere" ? dull, materialistic, and monotone ? suburbs are unpacked as being heterogeneous and historically layered places of living, work, and creation. Situating creativity in place and time, Creativity from Suburban Nowheres displaces mainstream understandings of creativity and widespread stereotypes commonly associated with the suburbs.

Contributors explore the particular forms of creativity that suburbs elicit both in the process of their making, materialization, and community construction, and in the myriad ways in which suburbs are inhabited and experienced. They highlight accounts of suburbs as places that give people the space and latitude to shape individual and collective identities through creative practices at odds with mainstream culture, and often remote from the classic agglomeration "assets" associated with inner cities.

Anchored in historical and geographical research, this volume highlights how and in what forms creativity should be understood in the suburbs, why and when creativity can be found, and how the notion of suburban creativity overthrows ingrained and dominant normative viewpoints. Rather than seeing creativity arise despite its suburban location, Creativity from Suburban Nowheres illuminates the emancipatory potential of suburbs for creativity.


List of Illustrations and Tables

Part I: Openings

1. Rethinking Creative and Cultural Practices from the Outside in ? An Interdisciplinary Exploration
Ilja Van Damme, Ruth McManus, and Michiel Dehaene

2. The Uncool Hunt: Searching for the Creative Suburb
David Gilbert

Part II: The Suburban Home as Locus of Creativity

3. ?Pictures, Plants, and Ornaments?: Jane Ellen Panton and Creative Practice in the British Victorian Suburbs
Sarah Bilston

4. Battlegrounds of Taste and Distinction: Art and Antique Collectors in the Suburban Hinterland of Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Belgium
Ulrike Müller and Ilja Van Damme

5. The Art of Living in the Australian Suburb: Creative and Cultural Production at Home in Suburban Melbourne, 1910s?1960s
Susan Reidy

6. Ideal Homes and Haunted Houses: Twenty-First-Century Irish Suburban Art and Writing
Simon Workman

Part III: The Suburban Creative Milieu

7. Halfway between Nature and Culture: Uccle Centre d&&&x2019;Art, a Colony of Artists in Brussels&&&x2019;s Suburbs in the Interwar Period
Tatiana Debroux

8. Exploring Creativity in Dublin&&&x2019;s Suburbs, 1900?2000: Insider, Outsider, Bourgeois, or Bohemian?
Ruth McManus

9. Recreating Locality: Community and Identity in Budapest Suburbs, 1995?2020
János B. Kocsis

10. Creativity in Contemporary Housing Estate Neighbourhoods: The Case of Kontula, Helsinki
Johanna Lilius

11. The Fung Bros Rep the Ethnoburb
Margaret Crawford

12. Grounding Suburban LGBTQ+ Vernacular Creativities in the Toronto City-Region
Alison L. Bain

Part IV: Creating Suburbia

13. From Artistry to Agency? Transactional Architecture for the Creative Fashioning of the Antwerp Suburbs in the Early Twentieth Century
Tom Broes and Michiel Dehaene

14. Creating Suburbs in North America: A Mutual Blind Spot
Richard Harris