Country of the Cursed and the Driven: Slavery and the Texas Borderlands

Country of the Cursed and the Driven

Slavery and the Texas Borderlands
Kiadó: University of Nebraska Press
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A sweeping comparative analysis of the slaving regimes of Hispanic, Comanche, and Anglo-American communities in the Texas borderlands during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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2022 W. Turrentine Jackson Award Winner
2022 David J. Weber Prize Winner

In eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Texas—a hotly contested land where states wielded little to no real power—local alliances and controversies, face-to-face relationships, and kinship ties structured personal dynamics and cross-communal concerns alike. Country of the Cursed and the Driven brings readers into this world through a sweeping analysis of Hispanic, Comanche, and Anglo-American slaving regimes, illuminating how slaving violence, in its capacity to bolster and shatter families and entire communities, became both the foundation and the scourge, the panacea and the curse, of life in the borderlands.

As scholars have begun to assert more forcefully over the past two decades, slavery was much more diverse and widespread in North America than previously recognized, engulfing the lives of Native-, European-, and African-descended people across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from Canada to Mexico. Paul Barba details the rise of Texas’s slaving regimes, spotlighting the ubiquitous, if uneven and evolving, influences of colonialism and anti-Blackness.

By weaving together and reframing traditionally disparate historical narratives, Country of the Cursed and the Driven challenges the common assumption that slavery was insignificant to the history of Texas prior to Anglo-American colonization, arguing instead that the slavery imported by Stephen F. Austin and his colonial followers in the 1820s found a comfortable home in the slavery-stained borderlands, where for decades Spanish colonists and their Comanche neighbors had already unleashed waves of slaving devastation.

“Paul Barba’s new book engages [conversations about the history  of slavery and violence in Texas with] deep research, analytical precision, and an impassioned argument. . . . Unflinching.”—Paul Conrad, Journal of Southern History
List of Maps and Tables
Introduction. "Cursed and Driven, Traded, as Slaves . . . O, What a Country"
Part I: Slave Raiders and Their Cycles of Violence, 1500s1760s
1. "Obliged to Punish and Conquer These Indians": Slavery and the Hispanic Path to Colonization in Texas, pre-1717
2. "Blinded by the Craving for Slaves": Slavery and the Quest for Spanish Dominion in Native Country, 1718–1760
3. "Reduced to Peace . . . by the Attacks of the Comanches": Slavery and the Comanche Emergence in the Texas Borderlands, 1706–1767
Part II: Strange and Violent Bedfellows, 1760s1836
4. "Companions on Campaign": The Spanish-Comanche Battle for Texas, 1760s–1820
5. "Honest People . . . from Hell Itself:" Anglo-American Colonization and the Rise of Chattel Slavery in Texas, 1800–1836
Part III: Violent Confluences in the Age of Anglo-Slaving Supremacy, 1836-1860
6. "De Overseer Shakes a Blacksnake Whip over Me": Consolidating an Anti-Black Colonial Regime, 1836–1860
7. "They Should Have Been Entirely Destroyed": Comanche Raiding, Slaving, and Trading in the Age of Anglo Colonial Ascendance, 1836–1860
Epilogue. "A Malady without Cure"