Business Intelligence and Analytics in Small and Medium Enterprises

Business Intelligence and Analytics in Small and Medium Enterprises

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The use of new technologies in business intelligence and analytics is critical for managers to have a set of tools for better decision-making on business decisions. This book addresses several dimensions of BI&A in favor of SMEs. This book includes research related to new trends in the SME arena.

Hosszú leírás:

Technological developments in recent years have been tremendous. This evolution is visible in companies through technological equipment, computerized procedures, and management practices associated with technologies. One of the management practices that is visible is related to business intelligence and analytics (BI&A). Concepts such as data warehousing, key performance indicators (KPIs), data mining, and dashboards are changing the business arena.

This book aims to promote research related to these new trends that open up a new field of research in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) area.


  • Focuses on the more recent research findings occurring in the fields of BI&A

  • Conveys how companies in the developed world are facing today's technological challenges

  • Shares knowledge and insights on an international scale

  • Provides different options and strategies to manage competitive organizations

  • Addresses several dimensions of BI&A in favor of SMEs

1. Process Mining
- Prerequisites and Their Applicability for Small and Medium
-Sized Enterprises. 2. Using Customer Analytics to Succeed: The Case of the Mexican SMEs. 3. Data Management Software Solutions for Business Sustainability
- An Overview. 4. A Paradigm Shift in Accounting and auditing in the Era of Big Data . 5. Mobile Advertising Framework: Format, Location, and Context. 6. Marketing Analytics: Why Measuring Web and Social Media Matters. 7. Managers' Perception of Business Intelligence Capability of SMEs in Turkey. 8. The Development of Loyalty Programs in the Retail Sector. 9. Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Governance.