At Home in the Eighteenth Century: Interrogating Domestic Space
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At Home in the Eighteenth Century

Interrogating Domestic Space
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At Home in the Eighteenth Century explores the eighteenth-century home as a site of significant transformation. Contributions from the fields of literature, history, archaeology, art history, heritage studies, and material culture develop greater understanding of the fluid nature of domestic space.

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The eighteenth-century home, in terms of its structure, design, function, and furnishing, was a site of transformation ? of spaces, identities, and practices. Home has myriad meanings, and although the eighteenth century in the common imagination is often associated with taking tea on polished mahogany tables, a far wider world of experience remains to be introduced. At Home in the Eighteenth Century brings together factual and fictive texts and spaces to explore aspects of the typical Georgian home that we think we know from Jane Austen novels and extant country houses while also engaging with uncharacteristic and underappreciated aspects of the home. At the core of the volume is the claim that exploring eighteenth-century domesticity from a range of disciplinary vantage points can yield original and interesting questions, as well as reveal new answers. Contributions from the fields of literature, history, archaeology, art history, heritage studies, and material culture brings the home more sharply into focus. In this way At Home in the Eighteenth Century reveals a more nuanced and fluid concept of the eighteenth-century home and becomes a steppingstone to greater understanding of domestic space for undergraduate level and beyond.


0. Introduction  Part I: The Organization and Arrangement of Space  1. Staging Fictions for Domestic Privacy in Early Eighteenth-Century London Households  2. Reading Pamela Through the Domestic Parlour: Rooms, Social Class, and Gender  3. "I will not be thus constrained": Domestic Power, Shame, and the Role of the Staircase in Richardson?s Clarissa  4. "A Small House in the Country": Cottage Dreams and Desires in the Eighteenth-Century English Imagination  Part II: Money, Value, and Consumption  5. "I am now determined to inform you what I am sure will amaze you": Objects, Domestic Space, and the Economics of Gentility  6. Home Economics: Female Estate Managers in Long Eighteenth-Century Fiction and Society  7. Genteel, Respectable and Airy: The Lodgings Market in London, 1770-1800  8. "Great earthly riches are no real advantage to our posterity": Space, Archaeology and the Philadelphia Home  Part III: Different Perspectives on Home  9. Transatlantic Domesticity and the Limits of a Genre in A Woman of Colour  10. Making Room: Queer Domesticity in Jane Austen?s Emma and the Anne Lister Diaries  11. Servants? Furniture: Hierarchies and Identities in the English Country House  12. Making the Bed, Making the Lower-Order Home in Eighteenth-Century Scotland  13. Hierarchies of the Home: Spaces, Things, and People in the Eighteenth Century  14. Twenty-First Century Visitors in Eighteenth-Century Spaces: Challenges and Opportunities  15. Conclusion: Assessing Eighteenth-Century Domestic Space