World and Hour in Roman Minds

Exploratory Essays
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No. of pages:344 pages
Size:235x156 mm
Illustrations: 79 b/w illustrations, 12 maps
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Table of Contents:
Part I: World and Empire in the Mind's Eye
1. Oswald Dilke's Greek and Roman Maps (1985)
2. China and Rome: The Awareness of Space
3. Grasp of Geography in Caesar's War Narratives
4. Trevor Murphy's Pliny the Elder's Natural History: The Empire in the Encyclopedia (2004)
5. An English Translation of Pliny's Geographical Books for the Twenty-First Century
6. Boundaries Within the Roman Empire
7. Rome's Provinces as Framework for Worldview
8. Worldview Reflected in Roman Military Diplomas
9. Author, Audience and the Roman Empire in the Antonine Itinerary
10. John Matthews' The Journey of Theophanes: Travel, Business, and Daily Life in the Roman East (2006)
Part II: Maps for Whom and Why
11. The Unfinished State of the Artemidorus Map: What is Missing, and Why?
12. Claudius' Use of a Map in the Roman Senate
13. Cartography and Taste in Peutinger's Roman Map
14. Peutinger's Map: The Physical Landscape Framework
15. Copyists' Engagement with the Peutinger Map
Part III: From Space to Time
16 Roads Not Featured: A Roman Failure to Communicate?
17. Roads in the Roman World: Strategy for the Way Forward
18. Communicating Through Maps: The Roman Case
19. Roman Concern to Know the Hour in Broader Historical Context