Winning the Room ? Creating and Delivering an Effective Data?Driven Presentation: Creating and Delivering an Effective Data-Driven Presentation

Winning the Room ? Creating and Delivering an Effective Data?Driven Presentation

Creating and Delivering an Effective Data-Driven Presentation
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Revolutionize your data-driven presentations with this simple and actionable guideIn Winning The Room: Creating and Delivering an Effective Data-Driven Presentation, analytics and data science expert Bill Franks delivers a practical and eye-opening exploration of how to present technical data and results to non-technical audiences in a live setting. Although framed with examples from the analytics and data science space, this book is perfect for anyone expected to present data-driven information to others.The book offers various specific tips and strategies that will make data-driven presentations much clearer, more intuitive, and easier to understand. Readers will discover:* How to avoid common mistakes that undercut a presentation's credibility* Instructive and eye-catching visuals that illustrate how to drive a presenter's points home and help the reader to retain the information* Specific and actionable techniques to dramatically improve a presentation's clarity and impactIdeal for anyone expected to present to managers, executives, and other business leaders, Winning The Room is required reading for everyone seeking to improve the quality and efficacy of their data-driven presentations and communications.

"Most business and data professionals struggle with delivering impactful presentations that consistently win the hearts and minds of their audience. In this book, Bill provides dozens of very practical and easy to adopt tips that will help you become an engaging and impactful presenter. "--Mano Mannoochahr, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Travelers Insurance"Storytelling and data are both important, but extremely hard to bring together effectively. This book enables all readers with an interest in data to think about how to create and tell a story with data that engages, teaches, and informs both technical and executive audiences alike."--Eric Weber, Head of Data Product and Experimentation at Yelp"Business communication has become critical in today's fast-moving world. In this book, Bill Franks has drawn on his many years of experience to create a simple guide with practical, readily usable examples that will help beginners in business communications develop effective skills, and help experienced practitioners remain on top of their game."--Dilip Krishna, Managing Director, Deloitte"Whether you're a novice or experienced at presenting data, this book is packed with practical tips that will enhance how you approach your next presentation. Rather than taking years to learn these tips like me, Bill Franks' sage advice will fast-track your ability to create and deliver impactful data presentations."--Brent Dykes, Author, Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals, Founder/Chief Data Storyteller, AnalyticsHero, LLC"The world is driven by data and it is vital to understand how to use and apply analytics within your business. Bill Franks has written an excellent guide with 119 useful tips on how to become successful in presenting your data so it will have the most impact."--Dr Mark van Rijmenam, The Digital Speaker, author and Founder of Datafloq"Whether you are an internal or external analytics consultant, this book provides practical guidance for becoming an effective data storyteller. Highly recommended for data professionals at all levels."--Rod Bates, Managing Director, Data & Analytics, PwC and former VP, Decision Sciences and Data Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company"Winning the Room is relevant to a broad audience: The book is a pointed refresher for more seasoned business leaders, project managers, researchers and consultants. It's also the one complete reference on presentation preparation for those early in their career: professionals, academics and students alike."--Rasmus Wegener, Senior Partner, Bain & Company"To achieve profoundly better data-driven presentations and communications, every presenter of data should study and learn from this book, and every data-related curriculum should require this book for all their students. The book is a well- ordered guide through a full menu of must-do's, don't-do's, how-to's, and why-do's in data communications, data presentation, data storytelling, and presentation design."--Kirk Borne, Chief Science Officer,