When Baseball Went to War

When Baseball Went to War

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No. of pages:256 pages
Size:228x6x152 mm
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Updated and expanded with new stories, information, and resources! When Baseball Went to War is the dramatic and unforgettable story of sports stars who gave up the playing field for the battlefield and, in the process, became heroes of a different kind. Read about the amazing wartime experiences of players such as Ted Williams, Johnny Bench, Bob Feller, Dom DiMaggio, Jerry Coleman, Lou Brissie, Moe Berg, and many others. This fascinating volume details why these young men joined the war effort and illuminates the hardships they endured during and after the conflict. Readers will also also explore a different side of war, thanks to fascinating stories about Negro League veterans, Japanese-American internment camp ballplayers, and women playing professional baseball during wartime. This book additionally spotlights the continuing importance of baseball to today's soldiers fighting overseas. Drawing on the resources of The National World War II Museum and richly illustrated with countless rare photographs, When Baseball Went to War is a fitting tribute to the players who saved America's Game thanks to their efforts on the battlefield and on the ballfield.