Ventriloquism, Performance, and Contemporary Art

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No. of pages:290 pages
Size:246x174 mm
Illustrations: 50 Illustrations, black & white; 20 Illustrations, color; 50 Halftones, black & white; 20 Halftones, color
Short description:

This volume calls attention to the unexpected prevalence of ventriloqual motifs and strategies within contemporary art.

Long description:

This volume calls attention to the unexpected prevalence of ventriloqual motifs and strategies within contemporary art.

Engaging with issues of voice, embodiment, power, and projection, the case studies assembled in this volume span a range of media from painting, sculpture, and photography to installation, performance, architecture, and video. Importantly, they both examine and enact ventriloqual practices, and do so as a means of interrogating and performatively bearing out contemporary conceptions of authorship, subjectivity, and performance. Put otherwise, the chapters in this book oscillate elegantly between art history, theory, and criticism through both analytical and performative means. In speaking about ventriloquism in contemporary art, the authors, who are curators, historians, and artists, shine light on this outdated practice, repositioning it as a conspicuous and meaningful trend within a range of artistic practices today.

This book will be of interest to scholars working in art history, contemporary art, media studies, performance, museum/curatorial studies, and theater.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Voiceovers

Jennie Hirsh and Isabelle Wallace

1. Voice, Vivification, and Subjectivity: Jasper Johns Ventriloquist 

Isabelle Loring Wallace

2. Over My Dead Body: Puppets, Performance, and Paralysis in Cardiff and Miller?s The Marionette Maker

Jennie Hirsh

3. Not All Objects that Look Have Eyes

Courtney McClellan

4. Dislocated Voices: Wael Shawky?s Cabaret Crusades

Kate O?Connor

5. García?s Games (1978
-1979): Puppets, Trauma, Immunity

Juan Guerrero

6. Dialectic Silence: Schizophonia in Juan Mu?oz?s Ventriloquist Dummy

Cintia Gutiérrez Reyes

7. Tadeusz Kantor?s Dead Dummies

Katie Geha

8. I remember: On Modern Living

Nora Wendl

9. Embolalia

Jane Blocker

10. Re
-Siting Marx

Kerr Houston

11. In a Manner of Speaking

Catherine Clover

12. The Lithic Record

Nina Elder and nicholas b. jacobsen