Unusual Sounds, 1 Audio-CD
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Unusual Sounds, 1 Audio-CD

Publisher: Alive
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Number of Volumes: 1 pieces, Digi-Pak
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Herrliche Perlen aus de Hochphase der "Library Music". Unter Pseudonym produzierten auch bekannte Musiker Songs zur Benutzung in Film, TV und Werbung. In the heyday of low-budget television and scrappy genre filmmaking, producers who needed a soundtrack for their commercial entertainments could reach for a selection of library music: LPs of stock recordings whose contents fit any mood required. Though at the time, the use of such records was mostly a cost-cutting manoeuvre for productions that couldnt afford to hire their own composer, the industry soon took on its own life: library publishers became major financial successes, and much of the work they released was truly extraordinary. In fact, many of these anonymous or pseudonymous scores-on-demand were crafted by the some of the greatest musical minds of the late 20th centuryexpert musicians and innovative composers who revelled in the freedoms offered, paradoxically, by this most corporate of fields.