The Role of Plant Roots in Crop Production

The Role of Plant Roots in Crop Production

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Roots have a significant role in crop production. This volume examines root architecture and development dynamics to help plant and soil scientists and those in related fields improve crop productivity. The author emphasizes production, plant nutrition, and soil chemistry relative to root growth and functions. Chapters cover root morphology and functions; nutrient and water uptake; root-soil, root-environment, and root-microbe interactions; and the physiology of root crops. The book also explores management practices to improve root growth. Information in the book is supported by experimental results.

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The Role of Plant Roots in Crop Production presents the state of knowledge on environmental factors in root growth and development and their effect on the improvement of the yield of annual crops. This book addresses the role of roots in crop production and includes references to numerous annual crops. In addition, it brings together the issues and the state-of-the-art technologies that affect root growth, with comprehensive reviews to facilitate efficient, sustainable, economical, and environmentally responsible crop production.

Written for plant scientists, crop scientists, horticulturalists, and soil scientists, plant physiologists, breeders, environmental scientists, agronomists, and undergraduate and graduate students in different disciplines of agricultural science, The Role of Plant Roots in Crop Production:

  • Addresses root architecture and development dynamics to help users improve crop productivity

  • Emphasizes crop production, plant nutrition, and soil chemistry relative to root growth and functions

  • Covers root morphology, root functions, nutrient and water uptake by roots, root-soil interactions, root-environment interactions, root-microbe interactions, physiology of root crops, and management practices to improve root growth

  • Supports content with experimental results, and additional data is presented with pictures

Increasing food production worldwide has become a major issue in the 21st century. Stagnation in grain yield of important food crops in recent years in developed, as well as developing, countries has contributed to a sharp increase in food prices. Furthermore, higher grain yield will be needed in the future to feed a burgeoning world population with a rising standard of living that requires more grain per capita. Technologies that enhance productivity, ensure environmental safety, and conserve natural resources are r

Table of Contents:

Types of Plant Roots, Their Measurements, and Associations with Yield. Uptake of Nutrients by Roots. Absorption of Water by Roots. Rhizosphere Chemistry. The Rhizosphere Chemistry of Flooded Rice. Mycorrhizal Associations in the Rhizosphere. Effects of Mineral Nutrition on Root Growth of Crop Plants. Ecophysiology of Major Root Crops. Management Strategies for Maximizing Root Systems.