The Oxford Handbook of Reformed Theology

The Oxford Handbook of Reformed Theology

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Reformed theology remains one of the most vibrant fields of discussion in the study of Christianity. This authoritative collection introduces and analyses the key contexts, classic texts, and lingering themes of this theological tradition.

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The Oxford Handbook of Reformed Theology looks back to past resources that have informed Reformed theology and surveys present conversations among those engaged in Reformed theology today. First, the volume offers accounts of the major historical contexts of reformed theology, the various relationships (ancient and modern) which it maintains and from which it derives. Recent research has shown the intricate ties between the patristic and medieval heritage of the church and the work of the reformed movement in the sixteenth century. The past century has also witnessed an explosion of reformed theology outside the Western world, prompting a need for attention not only to these global voices but also to the unique (and contingent) history of reformed theology in the West (hence reflecting on its relationship to intellectual developments like scholastic method or the critical approaches of modern biblical studies). Second, the volume assesses some of the classic, representative texts of the reformed tradition, observing also their reception history. The reformed movement is not dominated by a single figure, but it does contain a host of paradigmatic texts that demonstrate the range and vitality of reformed thought on politics, piety, biblical commentary, dogmatic reflection, and social engagement. Third, the volume turns to key doctrines and topics that continue to receive attention by reformed theologians today. Contributors who are themselves making cutting edge contributions to constructive theology today reflect on the state of the question and offer their own proposals regarding a host of doctrinal topics and themes.

... this handbook thus serves as a wonderful starting point for those interested in engagement with the broad Reformed traditions.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: Scott R. Swain
Part I. Contexts
Reformed Theology and the Church Fathers
Aza Goudriaan
2 Reformed Theology and Medieval Theology
Christopher Cleveland
3 Reformed Theology in the Context of the Reformation(s)
Carl Trueman
4 Reformed Theology in its Scholastic Development
Maarten Wisse
5 Reformed Theology and the Enlightenment
David S. Sytsma
6 Reformed Theology and the Humanities
Marilynne Robinson
7 Reformed Theology and Modern Biblical Criticism
Don Collett and Mark Gignilliat
8 Reformed Theology in Modern Europe (Nineteenth­ and Twentieth Centuries)
James Eglinton
9 Reformed Theology in North America
Paul Lim and Drew Martin
10 Reformed Theology and Global Christianity: The Cases of South Africa and Korea
D. G. Hart
Part II. Texts
11 Martin Bucer's Kingdom of Christ
Scott Amos
12 John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion
Paul Helm
13 Heinrich Bullinger's Decades
Bruce Gordon
14 The Three Forms of Unity
Lyle D. Bierma and Donald Sinnema
15 The Westminster Standards
Chad Van Dixhoorn
16 John Owen's Discourse on the Holy Spirit
Suzanne McDonald
17 Francis Turretin's Institutes of Elenctic Theology
J. Mark Beach
18 Jonathan Edwards' A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections
Kyle Strobel
19 Friedrich Schleiermacher's Christian Faith
Shelli M. Poe
20 Abraham Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism
Richard J. Mouw
21 Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics
Eberhard Busch
22 The Belhar Confession
Robert Vosloo
Part III. Topics and Themes
23 Prolegomena
Gijsbert van den Brink
24 The Doctrine of God
Katherine Sonderegger
25 The Divine Decree
Paul T. Nimmo
26 Creation and Providence
Cornelis van der Kooi
27 Covenant
Michael S. Horton
28 Christ
Ivor J. Davidson
29 Redemption Accomplished: Atonement
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
30 Redemption Applied: Union with Christ
J. Todd Billings
31 Church
Amy Plantinga Pauw
32 Sacraments
Martha Moore-Keish
33 Holy Scripture
Daniel J. Treier
34 Liturgy
Sue A. Rozeboom
35 Reformed Ethics
Philip G. Ziegler
36 Politics, Society, and Law
David Fergusson
37 Last Things
Christopher R. J. Holmes
Future Prospects for Reformed Theology
Michael Allen