The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming

The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming

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No. of pages:810 pages
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Table of Contents:
List of Figures
List of Abbreviations
List of Contributors
Part I: Onomastic Theory
Names and Grammar
Names and Meaning
Names and Discourse
Part II: Toponomastics
Methodologies in Place-name Research
Settlement Names
River Names
Hill and Mountain Names
Island Names
Rural Names
Street Names: A Changing Urban Landscape
Transferred Names and Analogy in Name-formation
Part III: Anthroponomastics
Personal Naming Systems
Given Names in European Naming Systems
Family Names
Bynames and Nicknames
Personal Names and Anthropology
Personal Names and Genealogy
Part IV: Literary Onomastics
Theoretical Foundations of Literary Onomastics
Names in Songs: A Comparative Analysis of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire and Christopher Torr's Hot Gates
Genre-based Approaches to Names in Literature
Corpus-based Approaches to Names in Literature
Language-based Approaches to Names in Literature
Part V: Socio-onomastics
Names in Society
Names and Identity
Linguistic Landscapes
Toponymic Attachment
Forms of Address
Commercial Names
Part VI: Onomastics and Other Disciplines
Names and Archaeology
Names and Cognitive Psychology
Names and Dialectology
Names and Geography
Names and History
Names and Historical Linguistics
Names and Language Contact
Names and Law
Names and Lexicography
Place-names and Religion: A Study of Early Christian Ireland
Part VII: Other Types of Names
Aircraft Names
Animal Names
Astronomical Names
Names of Dwellings
Railway Locomotive Names and Train Names
Ship Names
Subject Index
Index of Languages