The Oxford Handbook of Event Structure

The Oxford Handbook of Event Structure

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Table of Contents:
Part I: Events and Natural Language Metaphysics
Aspectual classes
Events and states
Event composition and event individuation
The semantic representation of causation and agentivity
Force dynamics
Event structure without na?ve physics
Event kinds
Part II: Events in Morphosyntax and Lexical Semantics
Thematic roles and events
Semantic domains for syntactic word-building
Neodavidsonianism in semantics and syntax
Event structure and verbal decomposition
Nominals and event structure
Adjectives and event structure
Part III: Crosslinguistic Perspectives
Lexicalization patterns
Secondary predication
Event structure and syntax
Inner aspect crosslinguistically
Part IV: Events, Cognition, and Computation
Tense and aspect in Discourse Representation Theory
Coherence relations
Form-independent meaning-representation for eventualities
The neurophysiology of event processing in language and visual events