The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI

The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI

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Table of Contents:
Part I. Introduction & Overview
1. The Artificial Intelligence of Ethics of AI: An Introductory Overview
Joanna Bryson
2. The Ethics of Ethics of AI: Mapping the Field
Thomas Powers, Delaware & Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
3. Ethics of AI in Context: Society & Culture
Judith Donath
Part II. Frameworks & Modes
4. Why Industry Self-regulation Will Not Deliver 'Ethical AI': A Call for Legally Mandated Techniques of 'Human Rights by Design'
Karen Yeung, Andrew Howes and Ganna Pogrebna
5. Private Sector AI: Ethics and Incentives
Tom Slee
6. Normative Modes: Codes & Standards
Paula Boddington
7. Normative Modes: Professional Ethics
Urs Gasser
Part III. Concepts & Issues
8. Fairness and the Concept of 'Bias'
Safiya Umoja Noble
9. Accountability in Computer Systems
Joshua Kroll
10. Transparency
Nick Diakopoulos
11. Responsibility
Virginia Dignum
12. The Concept of Handoff as a Model for Ethical Analysis and Design
Helen Nissenbaum & Deirdre Mulligan
13. Race and Gender
Timnit Gebru
14. The Future of Work in the Age of AI: Displacement, Augmentation, or Control?
Karen Levy & Pegah Moradi
15. The Rights of Artificial Intelligences
John Basl and Joseph Bowen
16. The Singularity: Sobering up About Merging with AI
Susan Schneider
17. Do Sentient AIs Have Rights? If So, What Kind?
Mark Kingwell
18. Autonomy
Michael Wheeler
19. Troubleshooting AI and Consent
Meg Leta Jones
20. Is Human Judgment Necessary?
Norman Spaulding
21. Sexuality
John Danaher
IV. Perspectives & Approaches
22. Computer Science
Benjamin Kuipers
23. Engineering
Jason Millar
24. Designing Robots Ethically Without Designing Ethical Robots: A Perspective from Cognitive Science
Ron Chrisley
25. Economics
Anton Korinek
26. Statistics
Martin Wells
27. Automating Origination: Perspectives from the Humanities
Avery Slater
28. Philosophy
David Gunkel
29. The Complexity of Otherness: Anthropological contributions to robots and AI
Kathleen Richardson
30. Calculative Composition: The Ethics of Automating Design
Shannon Mattern
31. Global South
Chinmayi Arun
32. East Asia
Danit Gal
33. Artificial Intelligence and Inequality in the Middle East: The Political Economy of Inclusion
Nagla Rizk
34. Europe's struggle to set global AI standards
Andrea Renda
Part V. Cases & Applications
35. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Transportation
Bryant Walker Smith
36. Military
Jai Galliott
37. The Ethics of AI in Biomedical Research, Medicine and Public Health
Effy Vayena & Alessandro Blasimme
38. Law: Basic Questions
Harry Surden
39. Law: Criminal Law
Chelsea Barabas
40. Law: Public Law & Policy: Notice, Predictability, and Due Process
Kiel Brennan-Marquez
41. Law: Immigration & Refugee Law
Petra Molnar
42. Education
Elana Zeide
43. Algorithms and the Social Organization of Work
Ifeoma Ajunwa
44. Smart City Ethics
Ellen Goodman