The Mysterious Island
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No. of pages:768 pages
Size:193x130x50 mm
Illustrations: f-c soft-touch matte lam cvr on metallic stock w- spot uv, emboss, 2 hits opaque white

The Mysterious Island

Publisher: Aladdin
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Number of Volumes: Trade Paperback
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Short description:

Crash-land onto this Jules Verne classic filled with action, adventure, and secrets where the island is not the only mystery!

Long description:
A stolen hot air balloon lands an unlikely crew on a mysterious island far from everything they know in this action-packed Jules Verne classic&&&8212;now with an arresting new look!

Five prisoners of war steal a hot air balloon and escape capture in Virginia during the American Civil War. They fly for several thousand miles before a storm forces them to crash land on an unknown island in the Pacific. There, the marooned men must work together to pool all their knowledge and skill if they wish to survive.

But the island has its secrets, and the castaways discover it’s not as deserted as they thought. A mysterious figure has been watching them. Does it bring salvation or even more danger?