Moving Mountains: The Little Guide to Pink: America's Miss Understood Since 2001
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Moving Mountains: The Little Guide to Pink

America's Miss Understood Since 2001
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"I'm proof that things absolutely can happen." - Pink

Dubbed the next "Queen of Pop" for her distinctive voice and live acrobatic stage performances, Pink unapologetically smashed her way through the music industry at the mere age of 14. The incredible success of her masterpiece Missundaztood showcased the reality of Pink to the world; a strong, rebellious yet vulnerable woman who was here to conquer the music industry. With over 135 million albums and singles sold worldwide, nine studio albums and a long list of accolades, she is one of the world's best-selling music artists.

Moving Mountains: The Little Guide to Pink is bursting with quotes taken from the mouth of the "toothless tiger" herself across interviews from all eras of her continuing career. From relatable quips to fascinating facts from her wild teenage days, this tiny tome will get you ready to paint the world pink.