The Human Network: How We?re Connected and Why It Matters

The Human Network

How We?re Connected and Why It Matters
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No. of pages:352 pages
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It's not what you know, it's who you know. Or so the adage goes. Professor Matthew Jackson, world-leading researcher into social and economic networks, shows us why this is far truer than we'd like to believe.

Based on his ground-breaking research, The Human Network reveals how our relationships in school, university, work and society have extraordinary implications throughout our lives and demonstrates that by understanding and taking advantage of these networks, we can boost our happiness, success and influence.

But there are also wider lessons to be learnt. Drawing on concepts from economics, mathematics, sociology, and anthropology, Jackson reveals how the science of networks gives us a bold new framework to understand human interaction writ large - from banking crashes and viral marketing to racism and the spread of disease. Filled with counter-intuitive ideas that will enliven any dinner party - e.g. how can our popularity in school affect us for the rest of our lives? - The Human Network is a "big ideas" book that no one can afford to miss.