The Global Life of Mines: Mining and Post-Mining in Comparative Perspective
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The Global Life of Mines

Mining and Post-Mining in Comparative Perspective
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Resource extraction exists in diverse settings across the world and is carried out through different practices. The Global Life of Mines provides a comprehensive framework examining the spatial and temporal relationships between mining and postmining as interrelated and coexisting features within the global minescape. The book brings together scholars from various fields, such as anthropology, geography, sociology and political science, examining ethnographic case studies throughout the Americas (Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, USA), Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Europe (Italy, Arctic Norway and Spain).

?The book is well-designed and well-situated within the literature ? It will provide a valuable comparative resource on two aspects of mining less frequently discussed ? the comparisons across space and time and the post-mining context.? ? Elizabeth Ferry, Brandeis University

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Introduction: Timescapes of Extraction

Antonio Maria Pusceddu and Filippo M. Zerilli

Chapter 1. Frontier Spaces in the Arctic and the Andes: The Miner, the Smuggler and Performances of (Post)extractivism

Cecilie Vindal ?degaard

Chapter 2. Technological Promises of ?Green? Extractivism in Historical Minescapes: Narratives and Materiality of Mining Revival in Andalusian Wastelands

Doris Buu-Sao

Chapter 3. Unearthing the Buried Past of Brazil?s Former Gold Mines

Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos

Chapter 4. How Industrial and Artisanal Extraction Shape a City: On Urban Planning Flaws, Encroaching Open Pits and Backyard Mining in a Congolese Mining Town

Kristien Geenen

Chapter 5. Mining Life Cycles and Indigenous Land Dispossession in North America: A View from the American West

Paul White

Chapter 6. Contentious Legacies: Post-Mining and Heritage-Making in the Italian Alps

Roberta Clara Zanini

Chapter 7. Uranium Mining in New Mexico: Global Entanglements, Earth Relations, and Awkward Ways

Targol Mesbah

Afterword: What?s to Come: Mining in a Fevered World

David Kideckel