The Economics of Developing and Emerging Markets

The Economics of Developing and Emerging Markets

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Explains the rising importance of emerging markets to give a better understanding of current development challenges.

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This textbook presents an innovative new perspective on the economics of development, including insights from a broad range of disciplines. It starts with the current state of affairs, a discussion of data availability, reliability, and analysis, and an historic overview of the deep influence of fundamental factors on human prosperity. Next, it focuses on the role of human interaction in terms of trade, capital, and knowledge flows, as well as the associated implications for institutions, contracts, and finance. The book also highlights differences in the development paths of emerging countries in order to provide a better understanding of the concepts of development and the Millennium Development Goals. Insights from other disciplines are used help to understand human development with regard to other issues, such as inequalities, health, demography, education, and poverty. The book concludes by emphasizing the importance of connections, location, and human interaction in determining future prosperity.

'This is a masterful textbook on development. It extensively discusses the root causes of development, and more recent topics such as randomized controlled trials. The book stands out by also providing a rich discussion of 'international' issues relevant for development, such as globalization, international trade, migration, and international financial flows.' Robert Lensink, University of Groningen
Table of Contents:
Part I. Introduction and Deep Roots: 1. Economic Development Today; 2. Data and Methods; 3. Uneven Playing Field; 4. Geo-Human Interaction; Part II. Human Interaction: 5. Globalization and Development; 6. International Trade; 7. Economic Growth; 8. Institutions and Contracts; 9. Money and Finance; Part III. Human Development: 10. Poverty, Inequality, and Gender; 11. Poor Economics; 12. Population and Migration; 13. Education; 14. Health; Part IV. Connections and Interactions: 15. Agriculture and Development; 16. Urbanization and Agglomeration; 17. Geographical Economics and Development; 18. Heterogeneous and Multinational Firms; 19. Sustainability and Development.