The Destroyer USS Kidd

The Destroyer USS Kidd

Publisher: Osprey Publishing
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Number of Volumes: Hardback
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No. of pages:336 pages
Size:0x0x0 mm
Illustrations: More than 500 line and 3D colour artworks.
Long description:
A brilliantly detailed visual representation of the only US World War II destroyer to have retained its original configuration.

Superbly illustrated with artwork of the ship through its career, reconstructions of deck layouts, and 3D illustrations of every detail of the ship from its rigging to its boats to its anchors, this book reconstructs and dissects the Fletcher-class destroyer USS Kidd, the most original survivor of the US Navy's most famous class of World War II destroyers. Kidd fought throughout the Pacific War, in the Marshall Islands, Marianas, and Philippines campaigns. In early 1945, Kidd joined Task Force 58 for the invasion of Okinawa, and postwar served in the Korean War. Since 1982 USS Kidd has been a museum ship at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Drawing on Stefan Draminski's new research and making the best use yet of his acclaimed 3D illustration techniques, this is the most comprehensive examination of USS Kidd ever published. It includes a complete set of detailed line drawings with fully descriptive keys and full-color 3D artwork, supported by technical details, photographs, and a concise history of the ship's construction and service.
Table of Contents:
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Section 1
Technical Description
Section 2
Primary Views
Section 3
General Arrangements
Hull Structure
Fire Control