The BMW Group Home Plant in Munich: 3. erweiterte und neu gestaltete Auflage

The BMW Group Home Plant in Munich

3. erweiterte und neu gestaltete Auflage
Publisher: Hirmer
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No. of pages:296 pages
Size:29x217x266 mm
Weight:1206 g
Illustrations: 312 colour illustrations
Long description:
The roots of the BMW Group lie in Munich. History was written here. The third edition of the book is being published in the jubilee year of the Munich home plant. It looks back on 100 years of lively history and describes the eventful present with impressive photographs and interesting stories from 1922 2022.

The history of the BMW home plant lives in the buildings and the corporate culture, supported by over 7,000 employees. Their voices and statements as well as photographs from 100 years of the BMW works provide fascinating insights into industrial history. The publication also presents the industrial architecture over the decades alongside the constant modernisation of the production facilities, in order to be always one step ahead of the latest state of technology. The authors chart the riveting picture of a unique production location of the world-famous BMW brand.