The Austro-Hungarian Army and the First World War

The Austro-Hungarian Army and the First World War

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Definitive new history of the Austro-Hungarian Royal and Imperial Army during the First World War.

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This is a definitive account of the Austro-Hungarian Royal and Imperial Army during the First World War. Graydon A. Tunstall shows how Austria-Hungary entered the war woefully unprepared for the ordeal it would endure. When the war commenced, the Habsburg Army proved grossly under strengthen relative to trained officers and manpower, possessing obsolete weapons and equipment, and with the vast majority of its troops proved inadequately trained for modern warfare. Well over one million Habsburg troops mobilized creating an enormous logistical challenge of forging an army from the diverse cultures, languages, economic and educational backgrounds of the Empire's peoples. Graydon A. Tunstall shows how the army suffered from poor strategic direction and outdated tactics and facing a two-front offensive against both Russia and Serbia. He charts the army's performance on the battlefields of Galicia, Serbia, Romania, the Middle East and Italy through to its ultimate collapse in 1918.

'Instead of focusing on an individual front, campaign or battle, Tunstall deals with the travails of the Austro-Hungarian army on every front in which it fought, and across the entire course of the war. Steeped in archival research and measured in its judgements, Tunstall's work is indispensable for both students of the Great War and the Austro-Hungarian army.' Richard L. DiNardo, author of Breakthrough: The Gorlice-Tarnow Campaign, 1915
Table of Contents:
Introduction; 1. The Austria
-Hungarian Army; 2. July 1914 Crisis; 3. Galicia, August
-September, 1914; 4. Serbian campaigns 1914; 5. Galicia, October
-December, 1914; 6. 1915; 7. 1916; 8. 1917; 9. 1918; 10. November 1918 and results.