The American War in Afghanistan: A History

The American War in Afghanistan

A History
Publisher: OUP USA
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Table of Contents:
Chapter One: Thinking About America's War in Afghanistan
Chapter Two: The Country and Peoples of Afghanistan
Chapter Three: The First Taliban Regime
Chapter Four: The United States Enters Afghanistan
Chapter Five: The Karzai Regime
Chapter Six: Disorder in Kandahar
Chapter Seven: The Taliban Offensive
Chapter Eight: A Second Taliban Regime, 2007-2010
Chapter Nine: The War in the East
Chapter Ten: Kandahar City and Lashkar Gah
Chapter Eleven: The New Administration and the Surge
Chapter Twelve: The Surge in Helmand
Chapter Thirteen: The Surge in Kandahar
Chapter Fourteen: End of the Surge
Chapter Fifteen: Ghazni and the East
Chapter Sixteen: The new army and police, insider attacks, and the bilateral security agreement
Chapter Seventeen: The 2014 Elections
Chapter Eighteen: The Taliban Offensives of 2015 and 2016
Chapter Nineteen: The Trump Administration
Chapter Twenty: Peace Talks
Chapter Twenty-One: Looking Back on Eighteen Years of War in Afghanistan