Tax Litigation Handbook

Tax Litigation Handbook

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional
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The Tax Litigation Handbook authored by Pump Court Tax Chambers is the successor to the previously published Hamilton on Tax Appeals. The book provides a guide to all aspects of procedure in tax disputes and litigation, with commentary that is both technical and practical.

The expert author team covers tax investigations and the appeals procedure, including the types of decision that can be appealed; how an appeal can be brought; and all aspects of procedure before the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal, including a chapter devoted to the procedures for remote hearings. They also address procedural aspects of other types of tax litigation, such as judicial review, claims for professional negligence, insolvency procedures and High Court litigation.

The commentary is clearly presented with extensive referencing to relevant legislation and case law. All practitioners - whether they are experienced tax litigators or are conducting an appeal for the first time - will find this single-volume Handbook a valuable reference.
Table of Contents:
Bringing an Appeal to the First-tier Tribunal
The Jurisdiction of the First-tier Tribunal
Case Management and Directions
Striking out appeals, barring orders and withdrawing appeals
Evidence in Tribunal Appeals
The Hearing
Remote Hearings
Judicial Review
Claims for Professional Negligence
Claims in unjust enrichment
Part 8 Claims (rectification, variation of trusts
Insolvency Litigation
Magistrates Court Proceedings
EU Law
A Guide for Litigants in Person