Sustainable Management of Mining Waste and Tailings

A Circular Economy Approach
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Short description:

The book discusses advances in management of industrial and mining waste through circular economy approaches and successful critical metal recovery from secondary resources. It highlights reprocessing of mine waste and tailings for development of critical raw materials that reduce the mining burden to ensure lucrative use of waste materials.

Long description:

Integrating waste management, environmental sustainability, and economic development is a prime milestone in the circular economy. Critical metals recovery from mining tailings and secondary resources has significant potential, with widespread applications in high-tech industries that are critical to modern society and sustainable development. This book discusses technological advances for managing industrial and mining waste through circular economy approaches and successful critical metal recovery from secondary resources. It highlights how reprocessing of mine waste and tailings results in development of critical raw materials that significantly reduce the mining burden and ensure the lucrative use of waste materials.


  • Describes advances in remediation and valorization technologies for mining wastes

  • Details biotechnological methods, cutting edge research, and applications

  • Covers use of waste mining resources for economic growth and novel opportunities

  • Discusses IR4.0 and machine learning methods

  • Includes reports and case studies on mining waste in value-added products and recovery of strategically important critical minerals

This book will be of value to researchers and advanced students working in the mining, chemical and environmental engineering, and renewable energy sectors.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Novel methods and techniques for the remediation of mining wastes residues. Chapter 2.  Emerging and advanced green energy technologies for mining pollution reduction. Chapter 3. Green Technologies for Mining Waste Management. Chapter 4. Remediation of mining waste residues through innovative methods. Chapter 5. Innovations in Advanced Technologies for Green Energy Generation, Carbon Neutrality, and Mining Waste Management. Chapter 6. Bioremediation as a sustainable and circular solution for mining waste management and bioenergy generation. Chapter 7. Machine learning applications in mining waste management. Chapter 8. Bioprocesses For Sustainable Management of Mine Waste In Contaminated Environmental Matrices. Chapter 9. Use of Machine Learning Techniques in Mining Waste Treatment: Example and Applications in Turkey. Chapter 10. Sustainable Management of Bauxite Residue: Opportunities and Challenges. Chapter 11. Advancing Mining Sustainability Metrics: The Ecological Engineering Nexus Accounting Framework (EENAF). Chapter 12. Management and recycling of mining wastes with zero waste adaptation technology as a tool for sustainable environmental management. Chapter 13. Sustainable Remediation Method for Wastes from Mining Activity. Chapter 14. Sustainable Strategy for Metal Mining Solid Waste Management through Vermitechnology. Chapter 15. Development of novel processes and products from mining residues