Suffrage Song: The Haunted History of Gender, Race and Voting Rights in the U.S.
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Suffrage Song

The Haunted History of Gender, Race and Voting Rights in the U.S.
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'She put in her work, but there's so much left to do.' Begun in the Antebellum era, the song of suffrage was a rallying cry across the nation that would persist over a century. Capturing the spirit of this refrain, New Yorker contributing cartoonist Caitlin Cass pens a sweeping history of women's suffrage in the U.S. - a kaleidoscopic story akin to a triumphant and mournful protest song that spans decades and echoes into the present. In Suffrage Song, Cass takes a critical, intersectional approach to the movement's history - celebrating the pivotal, hard-fought battles for voting rights while also laying bare the racist compromises suffrage leaders made along the way. She explores the multigenerational arc of the movement, humanizing key historical figures from the early days of the suffrage fight (Susan B. Anthony, Frances Watkins Harper), to the dawn of the 'New Women' (Alice Paul, Mary Church Terrell), to the Civil Rights era (Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker). Additionally, this book