Stud: Architectures of Masculinity


Architectures of Masculinity
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2, Thanhauser and Esterton  19. Badlands Health Club  20. OTTOshaft  Part V: Outings  21. Privacy Could Only Be Had in Public: Gay Uses of the Streets  22. Piano Bar  23. Circa 1977, Platzspitz Park Installation  24. Nightswimming, New York Cities  25. Fashion Plate  26. Untitled  List of Contributors

Long description:
Originally published in 1996, Stud: Architectures of Masculinity is an interdisciplinary exploration of the active role architecture plays in the construction of male identity. Architects, artists, and theorists investigate how sexuality is constituted through the organization of materials, objects, and human subjects in actual space. This collection of essays and visual projects critically analyzes the spaces that we habitually take for granted but that quietly participates in the manufacturing of "maleness." Employing a variety of critical perspectives (feminism, "queer theory," deconstruction, and psychoanalysis), Stud's contributors reveal how masculinity, always an unstable construct, is coded in our environment. Stud also addresses the relationship between architecture and gay male sexuality, illustrating the resourceful ways that gay men have appropriated and reordered everyday public domains, from streets to sex clubs, in the formation of gay social space.
Table of Contents:
Acknowledgements  Introduction Part I: Home  1. So Functional for its Purposes: The Batchelor Apartment in Pillow Talk  2. Power Tool for the Dining Room: The Electric Carving Knife  3. Playboy?s Penthouse Apartment  4. Cadet Quarters, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Skidmore  5. A to Z Domestic Prototypes  6. Adjustable Wall Bras  7. Tupperware  8. Collecting Well is the Best Revenge: Commemorative Fabric  9. Villa in Floriac  Part II: Homework  10. Berggasse 19: Inside Freud?s Office  11. Untitled  Part III: Bathroom  12. Men?s Room  13. The Latrine Project, Interim Office of Architecture  14. The Public Bathroom Project  15. Untitled  16. Selected Bathrooms  Part IV: Gym  17. When is a Body Not a Body? When it?s a Building  18. Definitions Fitness Center