Rundisney: The Official Guide to Racing Around the Parks


The Official Guide to Racing Around the Parks
Publisher: Disney Editions
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No. of pages:144 pages
Size:228x177 mm
Illustrations: 1
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Learn the basics of running and plan the most magical 'runcation' with the first official book from Disney's road race division.

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This will be the first official book with RunDisney, the road race division of The Walt Disney Company. With this comprehensive guide, readers will not only learn the basics of running, but also how to plan the most magical 'runcation' to Walt Disney World. Which race is the best for my family? What gear do I need for a RunDisney event? What resources are available at the Disney parks? All of this and more will be answered in The RunDisney Guide to Racing Around the Parks. Sidebars throughout will offer additional tips on gear, etiquette, food, costumes, and more.