Roberto Caracciolo da Lecce (1425-1495): Life, Works, and Fame of a Renaissance Preacher

Roberto Caracciolo da Lecce (1425-1495)

Life, Works, and Fame of a Renaissance Preacher
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The book offers a renewed study of the life and works of one of the most famous popular preachers and sermon authors of Renaissance Italy, providing a reference work on the figure of Roberto Caracciolo and a reading of his times.

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In the second half of the fifteenth century, Roberto Caracciolo?s preaching touched the most important cities of Italy, and met with wide and resounding success. His sermons were read and diffused throughout Italy and Europe, propelled by the emergence of the printing press industry. This book provides a new and comprehensive study of his life, preaching and writing, replacing outdated resources and adding new and hitherto unknown data. It offers a reference work on a relevant social, intellectual and religious actor of Renaissance Italy and a reading of those times through the life and works of a celebrated preacher.
Table of Contents:
List of Illustrations


Biographical Chronology


PART 1: An Image Shaped Over the Centuries: Fame and the Historiographical Tradition of a Preacher

1 Franciscan Historiography Concerning a Controversial Friar

2 The Influence of Defaming Comments and the Waning of a Style of Preaching

PART 2: The Life

3 Youth and Family (1425?c. 1446)

4 First Successful Preaching in Umbria (c. 1446?1448)

5 Itinerant Preaching in Central and Southern Italy (1448?1450)

6 Preaching in Padua (1450?1451)

7 Brescia, Milan, and Forl? (1451)

8 Roberto?s Break from the Observant Family (1452?1453)

9 Renewed Attacks against the Observant Reform (1453?1455)

10 Preaching the Crusade in Rome (1455?1457)

11 Preaching in Milan (1457?1458)

12 Florence and Rome (1459?1461)

13 Preaching the Crusade in Northern Italy (1463)

14 Rome, Bologna, Ferrara, Naples and Genoa (1464?1467)

15 The Devil?s Activity in the World (1467?1470)

16 Preacher in Naples and Ecclesiastical Career in Rome (1470?1480)

17 From the Siege of Otranto to the Last Years in Lecce (1480?1495)

PART 3: The Works and Fame

18 Preaching between Action and Intellectual Debate

19 Preaching, Writing, and Printing Sermons in Fifteenth
-Century Italy

20 The Editorial History of Roberto?s Sermon Collections

21 Outlines of the Manuscript Diffusion of Roberto?s Sermons

22 The Readers of Roberto?s Sermon Collections

23 The Fame of the Celebrated Preacher

PART 4: Appendix

Appendix I: A Catalogue of Roberto?s Printed Sermon Collections

Appendix II: A Current Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Roberto?s Works

Appendix III: A Guide to Roberto?s Sermon Collections: Tables of Contents of His Latin Printed Works