Rethinking Global Health

Frameworks of Power
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No. of pages:152 pages
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Short description:

This book presents its readers with the workings of power in the field of global health. The author makes use of case studies to understand how power can lead to the creation of a myriad of complex barriers to the aims and interests at the heart of the discipline.

Long description:

This book reflects and analyses the working of power in the field of global health? and what this goes on to produce. In so doing, Rethinking Global Health asks the pivotal questions of, ?who is global health for? and ?what is it that limits our ability to build responses that meet people where they are??

Covering a wide range of topics from global mental health to Ebola, this book combines power analyses with interviews and personal reflections spanning the author?s decade-long career in global health. It interrogates how the search for global solutions can often end up far from where we anticipated. It also introduces readers to different frameworks for power analyses in the field, including an adaptation of the ?matrix of domination? for global health practice. Through this work, Dr Burgess develops a new model of Transformative Global Health, a framework that calls researchers and practitioners to adopt new orienting principles, placing community interests and voices at the heart of global health planning and solutions at all times.

This book will be beneficial to students and academics working in the global and public health landscape. It will also hold appeal to activists, practitioners and individuals invested in the discipline and in health equity around the world.

"In this terrific, highly engaging book, Rochelle Burgess challenges us to think about what is global health without power, notably the power over who lives and who dies. This goes to the heart of every contemporary debate and policy practice and is thus essential reading for everyone working in global health. Burgess? command of stories that matter and scope of empirical cases combined with conceptual insight drawn from her years of expertise position this book at the heart of the global health canon."

Professor Sophie Harman, Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary, University of London

"I want to place this book in the hands of every global health student, and everyone who has ever thought about, worked towards, or been on the recieving end of efforts to achieve health equity. The book puts the field of global health in its historical contexts, while brilliantly, sensitively, and inclusivly pointing at what it could be; a field that lives up to its name."

Dr. Seye Abimbola, Associate Professor of Health Systems, University of Sydney, Editor BMJ Global Health

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: Global Health and uncomfortable truths. 2. Violence against women as a global health issue: winners and losers in agenda setting? 3. Everyday interventions: Psychiatric power revisited in Global Mental health. 4. Re
-thinking the global health emergency: power at work in making and shaping of global health crises. 5. Old becomes new: Haiti, Cholera and the matrix of domination in Global Health. 6. Conclusion: A future better than our past in global health: Community psychology as a panacea.