Printmaking for Beginners
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No. of pages:128 pages
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Printmaking for Beginners

Publisher: Herbert Press
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Number of Volumes: Paperback
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Long description:
A practical and inspirational book of printmaking techniques and modern working practices.

This book is your basic and essential guide to a wide range of printmaking techniques. Through step-by-step instructions, it covers the processes of monotype, relief, intaglio, collagraph, screenprinting and lithography, explaining basic methods and recommending tools, types of paper, equipment and materials necessary for each, as well as highlighting safe and sensible working practices. A handy chapter also teaches you how to edition and frame your prints.

This new, expanded edition covers modern working practices and recent techniques such as printing with carborundum. Designed as a practical book, it is also full of inspiration for all budding printmakers.
Table of Contents:
1. Monotype
2. Relief printing
3. Intaglio printing
4. Making carborundum prints
5. Collagraph
6. Screenprinting
7. Lithography
8. Editioning and framing your prints
Glossary of terms, techniques, materials
List of suppliers