Posthumanism and the Man Question: Beyond Anthropocentric Masculinities

Posthumanism and the Man Question

Beyond Anthropocentric Masculinities
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This book interrogates the question of how ?Man? as a gendered being is entangled with nature, culture, materiality and corporeality and they explore ways to unsettle men?s sense of sovereignty to decentre anthropocentric masculinity.

Long description:

This book brings together the emerging insights of what posthumanism, new materialism and affect theory mean for ?the man question?. The contributors to this book interrogate the question of how ?Man? as a gendered being is entangled with nature, culture, materiality and corporeality, and they explore ways to unsettle men?s sense of sovereignty to decentre anthropocentric masculinity.

Men have to move from the centre of privilege which grants them supremacy before they can open themselves to the decentred, embodied, affective, vulnerable and relational self that is necessary to embrace the posthuman. This book explores the extent to which this is possible.

The book will be of interest to academics, students and scholars across a range of disciplines who are engaging with the intersections of feminist studies with posthumanism and new materialism, especially as they relate to critical studies of men and masculinities. Chapters on fathering, pornography, ageing, affect, embodiment, entanglements with technology and nature and the implications of these issues for changing men and masculinities and the politics of critical masculinity studies? engagement with posthuman feminisms will interest students and academics across these diverse disciplines.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: Posthumanism and the Man Question

Part One

Masculinities and Affect: Transgressing the Gendered Emotion Regime

2. The Affective Appeal of Nature for Masculinist Discourse

3. Masculinities Taking Shape: Affect, Posthumanism, Forms

4. Around and Around: Affective Masculinity in Circulation

5. Unsettling Masculinities Through Affect: Philip Roth?s Everyman and The Nemesis of Old Age

Part Two

Anthropocentric Masculinities and Entanglements with Bodies, Nature and Technology

6. Boys? Brains on Porn: Affect, Addiction and Cerebral Subjectivity

7. "Confront[ing] the Suspicion" and "Embodied Embedded": New Materialism, Relational Ontologies and Fathering Bodies

8. Challenging Patriarchal, Colonial Patronage in Anthropocentric Engagement with ?Nature Conservation?: Narratives of White Male Game Rangers in Southern Africa

9. Emancipation, Connection and Vulnerabilities Among Bodaboda Men in Kampala: New Materialist Perspectives on the Effects of Infrastructural Limits

10. Destabilising Male Privilege: Explorations of the Posthuman in Mary Shelley?s Frankenstein (1818) and Jeannette Winterson?s Frankisstein (2019)

Part Three

Conversations Between Critical Studies of Men and Masculinities and Feminist Engagements with Posthumanism

11. Embrace or Engagement:? Critical Studies of Men and Masculinities (CSMM) and Feminist Posthumanism/New Materialism

12. Materialism, New Materialism and Critical Studies of Men and Masculinities (CSMM) Looking Back and Looking Forward, Relationally

13. Are Posthumanism and Relational Ontologies Necessarily Emancipatory for Masculinity Studies?

Part Four

Posthuman and New Materialist Ontologies of Becoming for Men

14. Toward Non
-Sovereign Masculinities: Complexity, Nature, and New Materialisms

15. Under Construction: Masculinities as a Continuous Process of Assembly and Renovation

16. Postgender Ecological Futures: From Ecological Feminisms and Ecological Masculinities to Queered Posthuman Subjectivities

17. Men Becoming Otherwise: Lines of Flight from ?Man? and Majoritarian Masculinity