Post Growth ? Life after Capitalism: Life after Capitalism

Post Growth ? Life after Capitalism

Life after Capitalism
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No. of pages:256 pages
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'Empowering and elegiac'Yanis Varoufakis, author of Another Now'Utterly inspiring'Caroline Lucas, MP, Green Party'A masterpiece of measured rage and love'Jonathan Porritt, author of Hope in HellCapitalism is broken. The relentless pursuit of more has delivered climate catastrophe, social inequality and financial instability - and left us ill-prepared for life in a global pandemic. Tim Jackson's passionate and provocative book dares us to imagine a world beyond capitalism - a place where relationship and meaning take precedence over profits and power. Post Growth is both a manifesto for system change and an invitation to rekindle a deeper conversation about the nature of the human condition.

'A Reminder that judging political success and national prosperity by the entirely faulty measure of GDP is short-changing the present and the future.'Natalie Bennett, The House Magazine'fascinating'The BMJ Opinion'With great sensitivity and wonderful insight, Tim Jackson shows us that there is life after the growth imperative - and it's a richer, more humane form of life. With its blend of science, history and biographical detail, Post Growth was a delight to read and gave me much to think about.'Svend Brinkmann - Author of The Joy of Missing Out'Through the window of our pandemic lockdown Jackson sees both the sins of capitalism and the renewal of hope. An instructive and stimulating read!'Herman Daly - Author of Steady State Economics'Tim Jackson's compelling postgrowth vision strikes at the heart of today's greatest existential challenge and human predicament: either we continue to propagate a capitalistic growth paradigm that fosters inequality, climate and health crises or we build our lives and livelihoods around a holistic system providing what is truly meaningful.'Sandrine Dixson-Decl?ve - Co-President, The Club of Rome'Joyous... Post Growth is one of the best written economic tomes I have read in a long while.'Dollars and Sense'Post Growth is perhaps the most imaginative book I've read on the topic of economic growth, a lyrical and thoughtful account of where capitalism fails and the many ways that things could be done better.'The Earthbound Project'Written almost as much in poetry as in prose, it is offered as a string of vignettes and parables giving us insights into what's wrong with the way our economy works and what we can do to change it.'Ecologist'This book demonstrates that changing the current economic paradigm is not a crazy dream, but a real - and absolutely essential - possibility. For all of us. Right now. Taking the world towards the sustainable development we need is a revolution waiting to happen, if we only allow it.'Enrico Giovannini - Former Chief Statistician, OECD'Tim Jackson appeals to humanity's incredible ingenuity by replacing the tunnel vision of mainstream economics with a tour d'horizon of how good lives for all are perfectly possible without costing the Earth.'Maja Göpel, The New Institute'Post Growth can be read as a playbook of how to turn the categorical imperative back on its feet again, how to build a world where equal rights to production and consumption do not ruin the planet, and how to subordinate the economy to a broader reflection on its purpose.'Green European Journal'Jackson writes beautifully'Green House'Abounds with prescriptions for the "economy of tomorrow" that challenge the orthodoxies of today... intriguing.'The Guardian'Post growth is one of the most important ideas of the 21st century, and Tim Jackson one of its most powerful proponents. Don't miss this brilliant new book.'Jason Hickel - Author of Less is More'An unapologetic, clear-eyed vision.'Kerry Kennedy - President of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights'A thrilling intellectual journey towards a post growth world.'Roman Krznaric - Author of The Good Ancestor'Some call Tim Jackson's thesis about capitalism's flaws, and proposed remedies, provocative. After two decades as a successful capitalist (or so they tell me) I don't find it provocative at all, rather an existential imperative.'Jeremy Leggett - Founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid'Utterly inspiring ... an urgent and eloquent plea for radical change.'Caroline Lucas - MP, Green Party'A tour de force, sinuous, disruptive - and a masterpiece of measured rage and love.'Jonathon Porritt - Author of Hope in Hell'Extraordinary, powerful and beautifully written - difficult to put down.'Mamphela Ramphele - Co-President, The Club of Rome'Economic wisdom wrapped up in poetry ... A beautiful read.'Kate Raworth - Author of Doughnut Economics'Razor-sharp analysis and powerful storytelling'Johan Rockström - Professor of Earth Systems Science'An expansive, wise and uplifting work that will reorient the conversation. Highly recommended.'Juliet Schor - Author of After the Gig'Jackson is the great storyteller of economics - of what economies can and should be. In this book he draws on the stories of original thinkers near and far to show that post growth - a future beyond capitalism - is not just necessary for our planet, but also to sustain our human spirit.'Julia Steinberger - University of Lausanne'This is an important and urgent book. Tim Jackson exposes the cult of growth which is leading us down a path of human misery and destruction of the natural world. A book of questions, interwoven with stories and philosophy: our collective challenge is to create the answers.'Jo Swinson - Director, Partners for a New Economy'Tim Jackson offers us a book that is both honest and hopeful. It gently lets its stark messages unfold through writing that is often more like poetry than political prose. As rich in imagery as it is grounded with examples and clear explanations of why our economy is in urgent need of recalibration, this is a book that future generations will be glad was written.'Katherine Trebeck - Author of The Economics of Arrival'It is harder and harder to deny that we in the "developed" world are collectively prisoners of an addictive delusion - the myth of constantly increasing economic growth. In this brief but weighty book, Tim Jackson exposes this myth with unambiguous clarity, and asks whether we are able to seize the opportunities for tough self-questioning prompted by the current global crisis.'Rowan Williams - 104th Archbishop of Canterbury'Empowering and elegiac'Yanis Varoufakis - Author of Another Now