Phylogenetic Comparative Methods in R

Phylogenetic Comparative Methods in R

Publisher: Princeton University Press
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No. of pages:440 pages
Size:254x203 mm
Illustrations: 136 b/w illus.
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An authoritative introduction to the latest comparative methods in evolutionary biology

Phylogenetic comparative methods are a suite of statistical approaches that enable biologists to analyze and better understand the evolutionary tree of life, and shed vital new light on patterns of divergence and common ancestry among all species on Earth. This textbook shows how to carry out phylogenetic comparative analyses in the R statistical computing environment. Liam Revell and Luke Harmon provide an incisive conceptual overview of each method along with worked examples using real data and challenge problems that encourage students to learn by doing. By working through this book, students will gain a solid foundation in these methods and develop the skills they need to interpret patterns in the tree of life.

  • Covers every major method of modern phylogenetic comparative analysis in R
  • Explains the basics of R and discusses topics such as trait evolution, diversification, trait-dependent diversification, biogeography, and visualization
  • Features a wealth of exercises and challenge problems
  • Serves as an invaluable resource for students and researchers, with applications in ecology, evolution, anthropology, disease transmission, conservation biology, and a host of other areas
  • Written by two of today?s leading developers of phylogenetic comparative methods