Party System Closure: Party Alliances, Government Alternatives, and Democracy in Europe

Party System Closure

Party Alliances, Government Alternatives, and Democracy in Europe
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Table of Contents:
Introduction: A Systemic Approach to Inter-Party Relationships
The Logic of Inter-party Competition and Cooperation: Blocs, Poles, Institutionalization, and Closure
A New European Dataset and the Measurement of Party System Closure Data
Currently Functioning European Party Systems
Historical (i.e. Defunct) European Party Systems
Party System Closure in Comparative Perspective
From Time to Time: Democratic Age, Birth, and Closure
The Whole is More than the Sum of the Parts: Party Institutionalization and Closure
Size Does Matter: The Number of Parties and Closure
Pulling Apart: Polarization and Closure
The Explanatory Model of Closure: Factors and Mechanisms
Survival vs. Quality: Democratic Consequences of Closure
Conclusion: How Do Party Systems Institutionalize?