Overcoming Cancers Resistant to HER-2 Antibodies

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No. of pages:250 pages
Size:234x191 mm
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Overcoming Cancers Resistant to HER-2 Antibodies provides general updated information on the resistance of various human cancers to anti-HER2 therapeutic antibodies. The book also discusses the description of various sensitizing agents that can reverse resistance when used in combination with anti-HER2 antibodies. There have been a lot of reports in which the treatment with anti-HER2 antibodies for various cancers has resulted in clinical responses; however, there have been also subsets of cancer patients who did not respond initially, and several responding patients developed resistance following treatments. Sections cover Lapatinib, Ganetespib, Paclitaxel, Celecoxib, Emantasine, Liposomal Doxorubicin, and Kinase Inhibitors.

This book is a valuable source for cancer researchers, oncologists, pharmacologists and different members of the biomedical field interested in fighting cancer resistance to HER-2 antibodies.

  • Provides a general summary of various sensitizing agents that can work effectively when used in combination with anti-HER2 antibodies to reverse resistance
  • Offers potential underlying mechanisms by which cancer cells are either inherently resistant or become unresponsive to antibody treatment
  • Discusses how to develop new targeted agents to underlie resistance in order to expand research on this field
Table of Contents:
1. General Introduction of Cancers responding to FDA-approved anti-HER2 antibodies (Trastuzumab)1B. Antibody Induction of Anticancer Immunity
2. Sensitization of Trastuzumab Response by the Combination with Pentuzumab
3. Sensitization by Lapatinib of Trastuzumab Resistance
4. Sensitization by Ganetespib (HSP90 inhibitor) of Trastuzumab Resistance
5. Sensitization by Paclitaxel of Trastuzumab Resistance
6. Sensitization by Celecoxib of Trastuzumab Resistance
7. Sensitization by Emantasine (T-DM1) of Trastuzumab Resistance
8. Sensitization by Anti-apoptotic Inhibitors of Trastuzumab Resistance
9. Sensitization by Kinase Inhibitors of Trastuzumab Resistance
10. Sensitization by Vinorelbine of Trastuzumab Resistance
11. Sensitization by Fulvestrant of Trastuzumab Resistance
12. Sensitization by IFF-1 Inhibitors of Trastuzumab Resistance
13. Sensitization by Liposomal Doxorubicin of Trastuzumab Resistance
14. Sensitization by Combination of Immunotherapy and Trastuzumab
15. Sensitization by Radiotherapy of Trastuzumab Resistance
16. Sensitization by Chemotherapy of Trastuzumab Resistance
17. New Development of Targeted Anti-HER-2 Antibodies