Off on a Comet
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No. of pages:416 pages
Size:193x130x25 mm
Weight:291 g
Illustrations: f-c soft-touch matte uv cvr on metallic stock w- spot uv, emboss, 2 hits opaque white

Off on a Comet

Publisher: Aladdin
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Number of Volumes: Trade Paperback
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Short description:

Brace yourself! A piece of Earth has been torn apart and sent off into space in this Jules Verne classic.

Long description:
Brace yourself for an out-of-this-world adventure in this Jules Verne classic following a small group of survivors set adrift in space by a comet&&&8212;now with an arresting new look!

A comet collides with Earth, causing a portion of the world to go floating off into space with it. On this new asteroid, thirty-six survivors of various nationalities will first need to uncover the truth of their circumstances before adapting to their new environment. But when it’s determined the comet is on a return course to Earth, can the group survive long enough to come up with a plan to get back on the planet?