No Limits (Paperback): Media Studies from India

No Limits (Paperback)

Media Studies from India
Publisher: OUP India
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Number of Volumes: Paperback
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No. of pages:440 pages
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Table of Contents:
The 'Bollywoodization' of the Indian Cinema: Cultural Nationalism in a Global Arena 21
Afterword: The Bollywoodization Argument- Ten Years On 43Ashish Rajadhyaksha
2. Sensuous Encounters: Law, Affect, and the Media Event 47
Lawrence Liang
3. The Inner and Outer Worlds of Emergent Television Cultures 70
Shohini Ghosh
4. Mission, Money, and Machinery: Indian Newspapers in the Twentieth Century 95 Robin Jeffrey
5. Revisiting the Pirate Kingdom 121
Ravi Sundaram
6. Figures of Transit: Tracing a Century of Hollywood in India 141
Nitin Govil
7. Creating Cinema's Reading Publics: The Emergence of Film Journalism in Bombay 165
Debashree Mukherjee
8. Notes on Contemporary Film Experience: 'Bollywood', Genre Diversity, and Video Circuits 199
Ravi S. Vasudevan
9. Whistling Fans: Reflections on the Sociology, Politics, and Performativity of an Excessively Active Audience 224
S.V. Srinivas
10. Unimaginable Communities: Television, Globalization, and National Identities in Postcolonial India 256
Shanti Kumar
11. The Imagined Reign of the Iron Lecturer: Village Broadcasting in Colonial India 277
Joselyn Zivin
12. The 'Terrorist' and the Screen: Afterimages of the Batla House 'Encounter' 300
Shuddhabrata Sengupta
13. Evolution of an Early Media Enterprise: The Gramophone Company in India, 1898-1912 327
Vibodh Parthasarathi
14. Democratizing Indian Popular Music: From Cassette Culture to the Digital Era 356
Peter Manuel
15. Film Stardom after Liveness 381