Nerikomi: The Art of Colored Clay


The Art of Colored Clay
Publisher: Herbert Press
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Number of Volumes: Hardback
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No. of pages:192 pages
Size:280x216 mm
Illustrations: Illustrated throughout with more than 300 beautiful colour illustrations
Long description:
A fully illustrated examination of the use of color in clay, outlining its history and exploring the styles and techniques of the leading modern makers.

Mix two or more colors of clay as part of a piece's design, and you are creating nerikomi. There are many techniques - stacking, stretching, slicing - but with nerikomi, the decoration is built and fired into the work's very fabric, rather than glazing it later. This beautifully illustrated introduction by accomplished nerikomi specialist Thomas Hoadley includes:

- A brief history of the origins and international styles of colored clay

- A section dedicated to the most honored Japanese Masters of nerikomi

- Stunning examples of work from the world's leading experts

- Step-by-step examples of many of the techniques employed

Whether you simply enjoy the beauty of multicolored clay, or are seeking inspiration, this essential volume contains everything you need to embark on your own nerikomi projects.
Table of Contents:
A Colorful History
Early Chinese and Korean Colored Clay Ceramics
Twentieth-century Japan
Japanese Masters
Matsui Kosei - Ito Sekisui V - Ogata Kamio - Kondo Takahiro - Nishi Koichi
The Nerikomi Technique: One Artist's Approach
Colored Clay Worldwide
Hans Munck Andersen - Janny Baek - Curtis Benzle - Angela Burkhardt-Guallini - Mandy Cheng - Ben Davies - Mieke Everaet - Dorothy Feibleman - Barbara Gittings - Robert Hessler - Cody Hoyt - Narumi Ii - Francoise Joris - Maria ten Kortenaar - Judy McKenzie - Anne Mossman - Aya Murata - Jongjin Park - David Pottinger - Kanako Sahashi - Lorraine Shemesh - Tsuneharu Tanaka - Larissa Warren - Dorothee Wenz - Lotte Westphael - Henk Wolvers
Thomas Hoadley: Resume and Publications